Samsung galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been in the talk for a while now. This is obvious. Every time a Samsung unit gets announced or comes into the product line, the speculations start to begin. The same thing has already started to happen with Samsung Galaxy S9 too which is going to be the next flagship killer.


The production of Samsung Galaxy S9 started as soon as the S8 was launched. There were a few features that Samsung wanted to include in S8 but couldn’t due to lack of time and there is an assumption that all the features that they couldn’t include in S8 is going to be there on S9 and S9+.


However, if you are looking for something extra ordinary in Galaxy S9 which will be hugely different from the existing S8, you are going to be dissatisfied. Though there will be the regular upgrades of traditional features, there is no news of something out of the world as of now. There is enough time and we can still keep hoping.


Though we do not have an official launch date yet, everyone is predicting that the new flagship killer is going to appear in the market within the first half of 2018. Now, what do we know about the unit so far? Well, we don’t know a lot to be honest but there’s a few exciting features which we already know.


Let’s talk about the specs first before going into anything else. We all now know that the Galaxy S9 will have Android 8.0 in it as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which will be good enough for almost everyone.


The fingerprint scanner is going to be there obviously just like the previous one as well as a dual rear-facing camera. There will be an AI assistant with dedicated button at the left or the right size of the cellphone. Also, you are going to have a USB c type port for data transfer process.  


Now, let’s talk about the release date for a bit. When will Samsung Galaxy S9 release? We know by now that both S9 and S9 plus will release in 2018 but we still don’t know about the date. There is a chance that the launch will happen at the next MWC (Mobile World Congress) in 2018.


Now, what do we know about the price? The price has always been a shock to Samsung lovers with every flagship release. It seems that predicting the price of a Samsung device is one of the toughest tasks possible.


For example, everyone had an assumption that the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to touch the roof but that didn’t happen. Therefore, we can expect that the price of Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to roam in similar price points too. Thoguh we don’t know the exact price yet, it is going to be anywhere between $799 to $899 USD in USA. Please note that Samsung hasn’t spoke about the price of this device yet and there is no way to prove the statement.


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