samsung galaxy s9


Is the title confusing to you? If you have been with our site, you know that Samsung has already began to develop their much awaited phone Galaxy S9 and reportedly, the codename of this project is Star.


The development phase has actually started a couple of months ago as the company has a goal to release this model within the first half of 2018. This is not all. Now we know that there are two different versions of this mobile that is going to come out in the first half of 2018. The second version has a code name of Star 2. There are rumors that the second version will be a bigger unit and the first one (Star) will be a regular sized phone for mass use. It looks like Samsung is trying to copy the model of Apple releasing two different sized phones of the same model in the market.


Now, what does the code name “The Star” represent? Why do we even have to think about this?

To understand the value of the code name, we will have to go back to the Galaxy S8 which has been the most successful Samsung Flagship till now. This model was released back in April and the code name for Samsung Galaxy S8 was Project Dream. Back then, Samsung wanted to make this model as a dream cellphone which will have no boundaries and that reflected is with the code name.


Therefore, the Star will definitely have significance to its name too. To understand the importance of the code name even better, we will again have to look back to the Project Dream. Though the company never shares anything about their project name before the release, we now know what the words “Project Dream” actually meant back in the days. Samsung wanted to build a device which fights with Apple and other flagship companies head to head. The S8 model was released after the incidents happened with Note 4 which made it more important than ever to make things right for Samsung. That’s the reason why this project was called Project Dream. The dream was to take back glory that the company lost due to different issues. We all know know how that turned out.

Though we won’t be able to tell whether Samsung could take back their old throne back or not, it is true that the Galaxy S8 has come as a surprise and this has been loved all over the world due to brilliant features and graphics (especially with the screen).

It is time to see whether Samsung can replicate their success with the upcoming Galaxy S9.

According to sources, Samsung has been giving priorities to four of the most important pillars in the cellphone industry to make their next product a success. The pillars are design, performance, interaction and eco-system.

As always, it is tough to get information from inside as Samsung never really releases anything till their official launch. We can do nothing but hope that Samsung Galaxy S9 AKA the star is going to be a great one.





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