Samsung galaxy s9 Processor

The Galaxy S8 is most likely the greatest Android smartphone you can purchase at this time. It’s got a wonderful all-screen style and provides a large range of fascinating features. Furthermore impressive is the very fact that the smartphone isn’t as pricey as we’d have anticipated it to end up being. However, Samsung is actually creating its next Galaxy S product. A new statement coming from Korea makes the very first mention of the Galaxy S9’s Qualcomm processor chip.

Quoting Aju Business Daily, The Investor states that Samsung and Qualcomm have currently begun work on a fresh mobile chip intended for the Galaxy S9. The chip is most likely to be named Snapdragon 845 and should be produced by Samsung or TSMC whenever development is finish.

A statement several weeks ago reported the Galaxy S9 is already in progress at Samsung. At that moment, the Galaxy S8 was not even offered in stores.

Samsung utilizes the Snapdragon 835 as well as the Exynos 8895 chips inside its Galaxy S8 smartphone, both 10nm chips which are quicker and a lot more energy-efficient compared to their predecessors. The firm used the very same strategy for years, which usually implies it’s most likely a version of the Galaxy S9 will also be driven by a Samsung-made chip.

The statement, nevertheless, doesn’t point out anything at all regarding Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chips, or the technical specs of the Galaxy S9’s processors.

The Galaxy S8 presently offers the greatest mobile processor set you can get on an Android product, and it is the sole phone to have got a Snapdragon 835 chip within. Having said that, tests have demonstrated that the iPhone 7’s efficiency is still no match up for the Galaxy S8.


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