iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S9: Which One will rule the Market



Let’s talk about the ultimate battle that has been going on for years now. Yes, we are talking about the battle of iPhone and Samsung. These two companies have been ruling the cellphone industry for years now and the competition has always been neck to neck. More than 30% of cellphone users around the globe now use either Samsung or iPhone.

With huge market share, both companies have always tried to outperform the other one. At times, Samsung became the industry leader and often, they ended up at the second place. The competition is getting more and more fierce every day and with new releases coming up for both companies, things could not have been better for us, the tech lovers.

Now, in today’s article, we are going to focus on the future. We want to know which one among Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone is going to win the next battle. Let’s get started.

Let’s talk about the rumors first. If you are a fan of OLED, you should know that the next iPhone will surely have OLED technology in it. A lot of us have predicted that the previous iPhone will have it but it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, Samsung is the one who will be supplying these OLED displays to iPhone as they are the official display supplier of iPhone for a long time now. Did you ever think about this dynamics?

Now, what do we know about Galaxy S9 which gives us some strong points to fight against the iPhone? We know for sure that the Star device is going to have a brilliant display too. We have already seen that with the Galaxy S8 which has been appreciated all over the world due to the brilliant design of the display. It is true that the box less design helped Samsung to regain trust from the buyers who were in shock with the explosions and battery issues just a year ago.

It has been in the rumors for a good amount of time that Samsung is working to bring a special kind of 4K technology in their next device. Though we already have 4K viewing capabilities on Samsung S8, things are going to heat up even more with the help of a resolution boost from inside. If this happens, Samsung will definitely win the display battle over iPhone.

Like iPhone, Samsung now will also have two different versions of the same model with different sizes. Hopefully Samsung has done their research to find that this was worth it. Many people however didn’t like the news of two different options. According to them, Samsung should always have one universal size for everyone as that makes this brand different from their competition. We will see both Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ on the next release so there is nothing to debate over this anymore.

All in all, this is going to be a very interesting battle and we do not know who will win it. Both companies have been neck to neck in terms of business for years and it will probably remain so. As Samsung will announce their unit ahead of iPhone, we will definitely know who becomes the winner before this time, next year.


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