Samsung is undoubtedly one of biggest tech moguls in the world right now. Their Samsung Galaxy flagship is amongst the most loved and widely used smartphones across the world. By successfully launching the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus earlier in this year, Samsung has set the tone for the smartphone market. Now, they are eyeing for launching the S9 series in the market.

There are a lot of speculations going on in the market regarding the Galaxy S9 series among the tech geeks. If rumors are to be believed then Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S9 with an Exynos 9810 chipset in it. Word also has it that the upcoming smartphone will also have a CDMA network support system.

Exynos processor
The predecessors of Samsung Galaxy S9 have typically used Samsung’s own processor chipsets, the Exynos in the suitable regions and Snapdragon chipsets from Qualcomm in other parts of the world. But according to the latest found news from several sources across the internet, the S9 may walk a different path. The much-expected smartphone may end up using an 8nm Exynos processor along with a 7nm Snapdragon processor. Since both the chipsets are designed by the same organisation; so it will not be a problem to use two different chipsets.

Though the relation between Qualcomm and Samsung is highly tensed; since TSMC got the contract for 7nm Snapdragon chipsets this year; many people are speculating that Samsung may try to roll out the 7nm chipsets for their upcoming smartphone. But in reality, that is highly unlikely to happen. Though using two Exynos chipsets across the world may increase the performance as well as the efficiency of the smartphone by several times, but it will also increase the cost drastically. Hence, the flagship will suffer largely in several parts of the world.

However, if we are to believe the insiders of the organisation then they have confirmed that Samsung is really thinking about using the Exynos processor along with a Snapdragon SoC. And if the tech giants really do that then they may end up having the most powerful and energy efficient smartphone that they have ever manufactured. The wide gap in performance in between the Exynos-powered and Snapdragon-powered Galaxy flagship smartphones have always attracted criticisms from the experts across the world. It has reportedly been found that the Samsung smartphones which use Exynos processors are much more efficient in terms of performance as well as battery usage in relation to their Snapdragon counterparts.

However, Samsung can really put that criticism to a stop by using an 8nm Exynos processor along with a 7nm Snapdragon SoC in Galaxy S9. Even the business giant Apple is planning to power their next launch, iPhone 8 with 7nms chip. Though the other specifications of Galaxy S9 are still a mystery; but the facts would start surfacing as we approach the end of the year. If the smartphone mogul really chooses to use two different processor chipsets then how wonderfully it will turn out remains to be seen. And we still have to wait till next spring before they unveil the S9 to the public.


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