samsung galaxy s9

Samsung could time the release of the S9 around the World Mobile Congress and the phone sure is likely to create a lot of interest with the premium users. So, we have jotted down all the latest news and updates about this awesome Samsung product, to help you calm down the curiosity.

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1. Date of Launch decided for Samsung Galaxy S9
The release of the flagship phone in the Galaxy phone series would see a wait of one year since the last release of the S8 and users are eager to get their hands on the phone because some of the most advanced features are expected to be incorporated in the phone.
Samsung is expected to launch its much-awaited mobile phone series Samsung Galaxy S9, codenamed as Star and S9, plus code named as Star2 in February 2018.
2. S9 utilizes Qualcomm-Developed Latest Fingerprint Sensor Technology
For the users, waiting for the fingerprint sensing technology, which is used the glass on the S9 phone, there is some good news. Samsung would use the new fingerprint sensor it has developed along with Qualcomm in the phone. Media is abuzz with news that Apple iphone8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 are competing with one another as to who would bring it out first.
3. After Snapdragon 835, used in S8 – it’s time to make use of Exynos Chips
The collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm has worked so well that they developed a new mobile chip, according to The Investor. The chips are called the Snapdragon 835 and are already used in some of the S8 series versions and have yielded great results. The new Exynos chip is also likely to be used.
4. Samsung S9 will be Waterproof
Samsung also developed the know-how to make the S9 waterproof by using screens on which water bounces off and this gives the phone a unique advantage over its archrival iPhone 8.
5. Get Ready to Try your Hands on Foldable Displays in 2019
Another feature that may be added to the Galaxy is a feature which is being talked about for a long time and is expected to be around the year 2019. The feature is the amazing new foldable display and is all set to dramatically change we use phones in future. If Samsung can turn the foldable display faster it would be a feather in their cap.
6. Pricing of Samsung S9 Phones, as Expected
The expected price of the phone is at $720 which is due to usage of niche technologies like the fingerprint sensor making it the first phone to ever use a full blown fingerprint sensor technology which is hard to break and also waterproof technology never seen before.
7. Rear and Front Camera Technology & Specifications
The phone is also expected to use dual lens technology which was hitherto being used only in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6. A 15MP rear and 7MP front-facing camera is expected to be in the camera specifications in the Samsung Galaxy S9.
8. Everything to make your Visual Experience Flawless.
It is also rumored to have the 3D viewing, picture taking, and video cinematography. Other sensors included in the phone are OIS, auto laser focus, and GEO tagging and these are an absolute must which the users are waiting for, the discerning and average users alike.
9. Better Eye Sensor and completely different Shopping Experience waiting for you!
The Samsung S9 is expected to further integrate various a smartphone into our daily routines in every way, Some of the routine features like access to contacts, managing bank accounts, checking out at the grocery store are expected to be available with some novel changes like use of eye sensor, this feature is expected to change the way we shop and do so with peace of mind. Mobile payments are expected to become more convenient.
There may be some more surprises as the launch of Samsung S9 approaches its deadline. What’s your expectation from this phone? Let us know through your comments.


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