This Galaxy S8 is unquestionably among the best smartphones you can purchase, and Samsung is supplying them as quickly as they roll from the assembly line. Nevertheless, it isn’t a perfect smartphone. There are a variety of obvious difficulties with this phone-things Samsung can (and really should) deal with in the Galaxy S9.

Concentrate on quickness

The Galaxy S8 is actually quick enough, however is that actually suitable when a smartphone is more expensive than $700? It features the brand spankin’ brand new Snapdragon 835, but Samsung is extremely centered on battery life. In reality, the GS8 is not considerably faster compared to Galaxy S7. The improvement among smartphones such as the Pixel, as well as less expensive phones such as the OnePlus 3T is obvious. The GS8 is not as fast.

It has been a bothering problem for many generations, and with the GS9 Samsung can deal with this issue. With the Galaxy S9, Samsung must build in sufficient headroom that it may include excellent battery life and performance that’s on-par with the opposition. Once the GS9 delivers, Qualcomm needs to be providing the Snapdragon 845, a second-gen 10nm chip. With any luck , that may provide enough improvements in power use that Samsung can step on the gas a bit.

MoveĀ the fingerprint sensor

Samsung had been among the first smartphone manufacturers to invest in fingerprint sensors upon its smartphone, nevertheless they were quite poor initially. Currently, they are even now not very good. Sometimes low-cost phones such as the Moto G5 Plus includes a quicker, more accurate sensor compared to Galaxy S8. Samsung additionally place the sensor in a awful place on the rear of the phone: quite high, near the camera.

Samsung can not deliver another smartphone with this particular fingerprint sensor-it’s that bad. It’ll either have to move the sensor down under the camera wherever it is simpler to reach (like some other smartphones). On the other hand, it needs to perfect that in-screen finger print scanning device technology which has been rumored for a long time. That will be very spiffy.

Change the Bixby key

I’m gonna call this one a little early: Bixby is decayed… Samsung simply does not realize it yet. Samsung’s intelligent assistant was initially meant to launch on the GS8 having the ability to manage applications by voice, however that simply functions in Korean at this time, and just for several apps. Reports through Korean speakers aren’t good, either. Therefore, there is a key on the GS8 which starts a feature nobody really cares about.

When it releases the Galaxy S9, Samsung must just let folks remap that key via the configurations. It specifically obstructed remapping of the Bixby key in the Galaxy S8. It’s great to default to Bixby along with, if Samsung demands on living in an illusion planet where individuals use Bixby, yet allow customers some flexibility. At the minimum, eliminate the physical button. It requires important real estate on the telephone, and it is simple to push accidentally.

UpgradeĀ the fast charging

The Galaxy S8 provides quick charging, however it is not necessarily extremely fast compared to all others. Samsung continues to be utilizing the same “Adaptive Fast Charge” technology since 2014, that is depending on the Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0 specification. Most people are on QC 3.0 (for example. LG) or USB-PD (Google). These are generally faster compared to Samsung’s charging.

Samsung has got the hardware within its smartphones to allow for quicker charging methods-the Snapdragon 835 are capable of doing Quick Charge 4.0. It simply has to licence the technology. The Galaxy S9 has to charge quicker to stay as good as other flagship gadgets. I wouldn’t place it past Samsung to build up some amazing fast-charging standard such as OnePlus/Oppo have with Dash Charge. Making use of Quick Charge 4.0 together with USB-PD support might be best, though.


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